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SPECIAL ALERT: The HAVEN application should NOT be uninstalled. (Posted 12/24/2014)

HAVEN contains both OASIS-B1 and OASIS-C data. HAVEN is the ONLY application that will read, maintain and report OASIS B1 data. If the user wishes to retain their OASIS B1 data, the user MUST NOT uninstall HAVEN.

The Migration process will move OASIS-C data from HAVEN into jHAVEN. OASIS-B1 data will NOT be migrated.

MIGRATION ALERT:(Posted 01/15/2015)

For Providers who have NOT yet migrated OASIS-C data from HAVEN into jHAVEN, please use the newly updated Migration Software; see jHAVEN Migration Tool Setup 1.0.1.exe. This new version of migration has been updated to eliminate the flickering screen issue.

Providers who HAVE COMPLETED their migrations, DO NOT download the new Migration Tool and DO NOT re-migrate your data.

jHAVEN Downloads/Documentation File Name

jHAVEN 1.0.1 - (Posted 02/18/2015) jHAVEN software Release (Version 1.0.1) is now available to download.

The following enhancements have been made:

  1. The SSN resident match Criteria 3 & Criteria 6 has been enhanced).
  2. The correct Status for patients between 18 and 19 years of age has been corrected.
  3. The ability to View All assessments for a patient from the Patient Screen has been added.

jHAVEN 1.0.1 is an upgrade to the jHAVEN 1.0.0 application.

jHAVEN Guides

jHAVEN_InstallationGuide_1.0.1.pdf [1.78 MB]
jHAVEN_UserGuide_v1.0.1.pdf [10.7 MB]

jHAVEN Install File (This install contains the stand-alone and client version of jHAVEN)

jHAVEN_Standalone_Readme_Text_1.0.1.txt [1 KB]
jHAVENSetup-1.0.1.exe [136 MB]

Alert for jHAVEN Client/Server users!
All users who are utilizing the client/server option must upgrade ALL jHAVEN Client installations to the latest version before logging in. Failure to do so will result in a corrupt database and loss of patient information.

Attention! NEW jHAVEN Users only
Verify which type of jHAVEN you would like to install (Standalone or Network Client/Server) and follow the appropriate readme.txt and installation guide instructions:

STANDALONE INSTALL - For an individual workstation with the database on the same workstation, which does NOT need to access the same database from multiple workstations.

NETWORK INSTALL - The Network Client/Server Install is only needed to connect multiple workstations to a centralized jHAVEN database.
New jHAVEN Client Server Users ONLY Readme Text.txt [1 KB]

Warning! Only NEW jHAVEN Client Server users should install the jHAVEN Server executable. If you re-install the server, data will be deleted.

Migration Install 1.0.1 For users that need to migrate HAVEN data into jHAVEN.
jHAVEN_MigrationGuide_v1.0.0.pdf [842 KB]
jHAVEN_Migration_Readme.txt [1 KB]
jHAVEN_Migration_Tool_Setup_1.0.1.exe [45.6 MB]

HAVEN Downloads/Documentation File Name

HAVEN 10.8 - (Posted 09/18/2014)

HAVEN version 10.8 is a REQUIRED PATCH for the 10.7 release, as it contains the updated HIPPS grouper for use with assessments beginning October 1, 2014.

HAVEN users who do not update their HAVEN software to HAVEN 10.8 will not receive a HIPPS Code for assessments with a M0090 date of October 1, 2014 or greater.

HAVEN 10.7 - (Posted 12/20/2013)

HAVEN 10.7 incorporates the version of the JAVA-based HIPPS Grouper V3414.

HAVEN users who do not update their HAVEN software to HAVEN 10.7 prior to exporting and submitting assessments with a M0090 date on or after January 1, 2014 will receive warning message +320: The submitted HIPPS_VERSION must match the calculated HIPPS_VERSION value.

Following installation of HAVEN 10.7 it is possible that icons referring to prior versions of HAVEN shall remain on the Start Menu. Please note that only version 10.7 will be available for use and selection of any of the icons listing prior versions of HAVEN will launch only HAVEN 10.7.

If desired, the icons can be removed from the start menu. Please see the "HAVEN 10.7 Known Issues" document for instructions.

HAVEN 10.6 - (Posted 01/09/2013)

HAVEN 10.6 incorporates the version of the JAVA-based HIPPS Grouper as well as, provides an updated version of the ActiveReports.dll that are required for running HAVEN reports.

HAVEN users who have installed HAVEN 10.5 may either upgrade to HAVEN 10.6 or follow the instruction below using the HAVEN_ActiveReports_files.zip provided below.

HAVEN 10.5 - ActiveReports DLL (Posted 01/02/2013)

For users who have installed HAVEN 10.5 and experiencing issues with generating reports in HAVEN:

Steps to install fix:

  1. Before beginning ensure that HAVEN is closed.
  2. Extract the files from the zip to your HAVEN installation directly (C:\HAVEN).
  3. Select 'Yes' to overwrite the existing files.
  4. Reboot PC to complete installation of the fix.





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