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Individual Access

Requesting access to CMS systems requires two steps to obtain two separate login IDs.

Step 1:

Use the CMSNet Online Registration application to request a CMSNet User ID.
The CMSNet ID is needed to access secure CMS sites (e.g., submissions pages/reports) unless an otherwise secure connection has been established.

CMSNet Online Registration Instructions [PDF 444 KB]

Step 2:

Use the QIES online User Registration tool to obtain a QIES Submission ID.
Once you have registered for a CMSNet User ID, you will receive an email from MDCN.mco@palmettogba.com containing your login information. Using this information you will connect through the 'CMS Secure Access Service'.

Once securely connected, select the 'CMS QIES Systems for Providers' link to access the QIES online 'User Registration' tool. New users must utilize the online 'User Registration' tool to obtain a QIES Submission login ID (the only exception is Corporate/Third-Party accounts).

Please NOTE: CMS allows a total of TWO (2) Individual User accounts per facility.

Corporate and Third-Party Access

Corporate and Third-Party users must use the appropriate form below to request a QIES User ID. This form should also be used to remove existing QIES user accounts. The forms must be sent to the QTSO Help Desk for processing.

Note: Individual users must use the online registration system (see steps 1 and 2).

OASIS Corporate Access Request [PDF 162 KB] (Only use this form to request Corporate ID or update Corporate account.)

OASIS Third-Party Service Bureau Access Request [PDF 146 KB] (Only use this form to request Third-Party ID or update Third-Party account.)

OASIS Individual User Account Request [PDF 235 KB] (Only use this form to remove individual accounts or request additional users.)

CMSNet Access Request Form (Only use this form to remove individual access or request access if online registration is unavailable.)

Instructions: Completing and Saving a PDF Form Electronically [PDF 77 KB]





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